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Wellbeing | Inclusive education | Masterplanning and design | City of learning – Christchurch | Authentic curriculum 


This kete provides useful links and resources to support student and staff wellbeing. It will be updated as required.

Our stories

Grow Waitaha stories with a focus on developing wellbeing in schools around Canterbury:

Avonside Girls High School – Wellbeing programme: 
The implementation of a school–wide wellbeing programme: Flourishing@Avonside 

The Bays Cluster – Developing Wellbeing
This story outlines the year–long process that Bays Cluster undertook as part of a Ministry of Education Wellbeing pilot, supported by Dr Lucy Hone - Director of the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience.

Limitless – Inspirations and aspirations
Limitless is a programme available for secondary students to understand their strengths and passions and to help them explore options for their futures.


Ministry of Education

Positive Education

Some wellbeing models

Measurement tools for wellbeing

Culturally sustaining resources

Mindfulness resources

Youth Mental Health Project

Additional resources

Wellbeing on social media

Explore links and resources to pin from the Pinterest Wellbeing board.


Some useful wellbeing handles and hashtags:

@PosEdNet (IPEN tweets)

@VIAstrengths (VIA Institute of Character)

@PennPosPsychCtr (University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology)


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Inclusive education

This kete provides useful links and resources to support schools to maximise inclusive opportunities for all ākonga. It will be updated as required.

Our stories

Grow Waitaha stories with a focus on inclusive education in schools around Canterbury:

Allenvale School and Ashgrove School – Inclusive satellite provision
This story describes Allenvale’s satellite provision at Ashgrove School which has resulted in benefits for students from both schools.



Ministry of Education resources



Assistive technologies

Assistive technologies stories

Universal Design for Learning

School stories - Primary

School stories - Secondary


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Masterplanning and design

The Ministry of Education has established a process to work with schools embarking on a ministry-led capital project. This kete provides stories about Canterbury schools' experiences and information about the master planning and design phases for this process. It will be updated as required.

Grow Waitaha stories

Grow Waitaha has developed a range of stories outlining the journey different schools and stakeholders have taken during the rebuild process.

Sumner School – Master planning journey
Stuart Cameron, principal of Sumner School, shares his school’s experiences through the master planning and design phases of their property development.

South Hornby School – Master planning journey
Simon Moriarty shares ways his school engaged with community, whānau, and students during master planning.

St Marks School – Working with Mātauraka Mahaanui
St Marks school outlines how they worked with Mātauraka Mahaanui to bring their cultural narrative to life during their school's redevelopment.

Mana Whenua: Master planning role (Under development, link to come)

Grow Waitaha school tours videos
In these videos three schools open their doors to share how their teaching and learning spaces enable future-focused education for all learners and their communities.

Cashmere Primary – Working together to create a master plan
These videos describe the master planning process followed by Cashmere Primary School, including how the school selected their design team and engaged with architects and project managers. 

The master planning and design process

The outline

The project brief

The master plan

The design phases

The design review panel

More resources

Christchurch Schools Rebuild Programme Newsletters
You can read our newsletters about key developments in the Christchurch schools rebuild programme here.

Rebuilding Christchurch Schools 2013-2022
This webpage describes how the MOE is working with local communities and education leaders on a $1.137b programme to renew the education network in greater Christchurch.


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Learning City Christchurch

This kete provides ideas and resources about learning opportunities in and around Ōtautahi (Christchurch).

Select from the drop down titles to discover content, resources and handy links based on the title theme. More themes will be added as we discover learning opportunities around Ōtautahi.

Search for #learningcitychch on Instagram to find more about the way that Ōtautahi provides authentic learning experiences.

Use the hashtags under each theme to find out more, connect and share.

And/or use Grow Waitaha's generic hashtag #growreallearning to share and connect on Grow Waitaha: Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

Lets get out and learn together!

Cathedral artwork

From garden to table

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Authentic curriculum

This kete provides useful links and resources to support the development of authentic curriculum in schools. This kete will be updated as required.

Our stories

Grow Waitaha stories with a focus on authentic curriculum in schools around Canterbury:

Haeata Community Campus – Authentic Learning in Years 7–13 (article)
Haeata Community Campus shares how it has designed an innovative curriculum for Years 7 - 13.

Rangiora High School – Authentic and collaborative learning (videos)
In this video series, Rangiora High School shares how they design their environment for learning and create authentic learning opportunities with students.

Mairehau High School - Increasing student agency and authentic learning (article)
Mairehau High School showcases examples of collaborative inquiries the students and teachers have taken part in. These have been designed to increase learner agency and provide real learning opportunities.

Breens Intermediate - Developing a strong culture to support learning (article)
At Breen’s Intermediate, students are involved in school decisions and these often provide authentic learning contexts for students to solve real life problems.


What is authentic curriculum?

Culturally sustaining resources

Learning through play

Project based learning

Student inquiry

Place based learning



Genius hour

Design thinking

Authentic assessment

Inclusive education