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Marshland School – Guided tour

The Ministry of Education has told the story of Marshland School and the property rebuild which you can see and view here. We've also spent some time with the staff and students at Marshland School and will share their thinking on their new spaces, their learnings and how they're learning.

Hear what principal Jackie Pascoe has to say:

'Well because the learning spaces have been designed as a result of our pedagogy and our learning model they’re having a great impact on just giving children that opportunity to learn collaboratively and to be creative and to be curious. They shape the children’s behaviour so the learning nooks actually invite the children to get into groups or to work on there own or in larger spaces a teacher can take a much bigger group of children as well. So they’re having a huge impact on making sure we can get our curriculum delivered the way it’s designed to be delivered because we were trying to deliver that same curriculum back at our old site after we’d prototyped and it worked to a certain extent but it’s just really starting to dovetail now as children get use to the spaces and teachers get use to working collaboratively and we’re starting to see some really exciting things happen.'



'So the teaching and learning compared to the old Marshland school has changed quite considerably in that we’re seeing a lot more collaboration with the students. They’re being able to make a lot more choices about their own learning, where they learn and how they learn. There’s a lot more explicit teaching about how they’re, sort of knowing themselves, and knowing what type of learner they are. Where they need to learn to focus, whether they work best in a group or in a pair and we support those through our teaching and how we change up all the activities that we do which can use the spaces to the best and the most flexible use of the spaces that we’ve got.'