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Waitakiri School – Guided tour

Waitākiri School was created following the merger of Burwood School and Windsor School. The design of the new school reflects the consideration of sustainability, future focused learning and the importance of community. 

Principal Neill O’ Reilly shares the thinking around the design of their spaces and how this empowers learners.

“What we were really interested in was giving children opportunity to make choices about where they learn, who they learn with, at times what they learn, how they learn. Also strongly sitting with our real choices is the notion of collaboration, we want our children to learn in a collaborative way but also our teachers to work in a collaborative way.” 

Student Oliver Alexander outlines some of the reasons he enjoys learning in his new school.

“Having lots of teachers around in the studio helps me manage my learning better than I used to. I quite often help people in the studio when they are struggling and a few people help me quite often too.”

Parent and Board of Trustee member Christina Hughes shares how the school’s values and focus on hauora is extends into the community.

“Everybody knows that children come to school to learn reading and writing but I believe growing into a well rounded person involves a lot more than that. So here at the school they are encouraged to get involved in the community. They are encouraged to think of others. They are encouraged on a daily basis to have respect for people, environment, other people’s situations."

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