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Rolleston College – Establishing ways of working

Rolleston College (Horoeka Haemata), is a brand new, purpose–built school that opened its doors to 220 Year 9 students in Term 1 2017. The college is located in Rolleston, in the rapidly growing Selwyn district. The school's roll is expected to exceed a thousand students by 2021.

During 2016, as the school was being built, principal Steve Saville was building a team, who in turn were building an innovative approach to teaching and learning. He outlines what this process entailed for him and his team.

Building a vision

Leadership of change

Partnerships and perspectives

Learners at the centre

Challenges and highlights

Looking forward

As Rolleston College begins to operate, the staff are mindful that they need to:

  • keep being adaptable – schools need to keep changing;
  • continue to challenge themselves and each other;
  • put well–being at the forefront – look after themselves and each other;
  • keep connecting with people – learners, whānau, staff and the wider community;
  • maintain a sense of belonging, community and connectedness.

"We need to keep walking the talk - Value what we say we VALUE!"

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Advice for other schools
Steve would advise other schools who are embarking on a new build, or rebuild to:

  • take the time to get a clear vision (This will be the binding that will keep you together. Make it 'come alive' from the beginning);
  • be brave – don’t be afraid to push boundaries and innovate;
  • listen carefully to your learners and community;
  • look beyond your own sector – don't be confined or defined by it;
  • be patient – good things take time;
  • learn to laugh a lot!